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Don Manzullo served for 20 years in Congress, representing the 16th District of Illinois. In Do Nice Guys Run for Congress? he chronicles his experiences, fighting for small businesses and everyday citizens, chairing and serving on various committees and subcommittees, and working in legislative exchanges with South Korea, Japan, Mexico, the E.U, China and Canada. He is a nationally recognized policy maker whose complex strategies generated billions of dollars in export revenues for U.S manufacturers.


“When I announced I was running for Congress in the March 1990 Republican primary, I was promptly sued by my own party to keep me off the ballot.”

So begins the fascinating and, at times, humorous story of Don Manzullo’s career as a U.S representative for Illinois’ 16th congressional district. During his twenty years in Congress, Manzullo strove to stay true to his values, his faith and his constituents. Never hesitating to cross party lines to work with his political opponents, Manzullo’s focus during his time in Congress was helping as many people possible in the time that he had.

Overcoming serious reading and retention challenges, Don Manzullo entered the political arena as an outsider with no name recognition and left a respected public servant and problem solver who wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done.

Do Nice Guys Run for Congress? Don Manzullo did and won. This is his story.

“At a time when partisanship is at an all-time high, Congressman Manzullo provides a model that might be closer to what the Founding Fathers may have hoped for. This is Congress with a personal perspective. You will enjoy it!”

Ambassador Pete Hoekstra (Ret.), Member of Congress (Ret.)

“Don practiced legislative art at its finest, something the public rarely reads about, with the goal of helping not only his constituents, but untold millions across the nation.”

Congressman Henry Waxman (Ret. D-Ca.)

“I hope that this book inspires others to know that, even in today’s political climate, it is possible to get things done.”

Ambassador (Ret.) Kathleen Stephens, President, Korea Economic Institute of America

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Meet the Author: Don Manzullo

About the Author

Don Manzullo served twenty years in Congress, representing the 16th District of Illinois. He chaired the Small Business Committee and the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, and he served on the Financial Services Committee during the 2008 crash. He was a commissioner on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. He was a participant in inter parliamentary exchanges involving China (chair), Canada (chair), Japan, S. Korea, Mexico and EU. He received the Aerospace Institute of America’s Wings of Liberty Award for changing complex regulations, resulting in billions of dollars in additional export revenues for U.S. manufacturers. He remains active in the Christian Embassy ministry on Capitol Hill.

Before Congress, he practiced law for twenty-two years. After Congress he became the President/CEO of Korea Economic Institute of America. He is a graduate of American University, Washington, D.C., Marquette University School of Law, and has an honorary Juris Doctor from Inha University, S. Korea. He is an adjunct instructor at Rockford University in political science, foreign affairs, and constitutional law.